The Independent Local Radio [ILR] blog reflects work in progress on three ILR projects lead by Professor Sean Street Director of The Centre for Broadcasting Research, part of The Institute for Media and Communication Research in the The Media School, Bournemouth University.

The projects are:

  • The Programme Sharing Archive: The Felicity Wells memorial Collection of independent radio (1973-1990). Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council [AHRC]. Access to this resource requires an ATHENS Account;
  • The Wessex Film and Sound Archive Commercial Radio Collection (1973-1990). Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council [AHRC] – due in September 2008;
  • The LBC/IRN Audio Archive (1973-1992). Funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee [JISC] Digitisation programme – due in July 2009.

The British Universities Film and Video Council [BUFVC] is hosting the final project outputs, which will be searchable as individual resources and across all three projects.

While we work towards building the finished resource, this blog will share expertise, early views on digitised content and be a focus for communication with the many interested people in academia and in the radio industry.


2 comments so far

  1. tony stoller on

    The work on developing the sound archives is terrific, but it’s obviously going to take some time to complete. For those of us needing to get on with research now, it would help greatly if there were a draft index of the programmes and material which is going to be available. Even though that will of course be just a draft of ‘work in progress’, it would alert us to what is going to be there, and we can tailor our own research schedules around that.


  2. Matt Holland on

    Dear TS,

    We do appreciate the need to get on. Just a bit of background. We had two indexes for the project. A card index and a “beige box” – basically a system unit form an old computer which had a electronic index of later material. The cards have been scanned and the system unit copied – to form the information base for the digitisation. However, we will not be able to generate a full set of metadata until all the chosen material has been digitised, listened to and catalogued – either from scratch or using the legacy metadata (card index or beige box).

    The archive covers all news items, all surviving Decision Makers, all the surviving material from the 1970’s, a sample of Hayes on Sunday with some drama in the period from 1973 – 1995. The proposed release date is July 2009, although some material will be released before then.

    Matt Holland [ mholland@bournemouth.ac.uk ]

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