LBC/IRN ‘First’ Update

The LBC/IRN Digitisation Project has passed a number of milestones.  The database and interface are in beta versions, and is populated with the first batch of digitised, edited and catalogued audio, currently over 7000 items. A public verion will be released at the end of March 2009.    The database contains audio of a number of  LBC/IRN  (near) firsts.

  • Jon Snow reporting live from the end of the Balcombe Street siege, for the first time on radio using a radio car phone
  • A very early phone-in Open Line(1973/74) with George Gale. While certainly not a ‘shock jock’ George Gale is surprisingly direct with callers to the programme  
  • First broadcast of LBC, a morning news programme  introduced by David Jessel, and included in the programme the first advertisements broadcast on Independent radio
  • The first live broadcast from the House of Commons
  • A very early recording of Hayes on Sunday (1976) with Brian Hayes hosting a phone-in with Leader of the Opposition Margaret Thatcher.

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