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LBC / IRN – two short bibliographies

Colleagues working on the LBC / IRN Digitisation Project, have acquired an in depth knowledge of the subject, because of their own skills in research and because a lot of the cataloguing work has required additional investigation to verify, for example, the spellings of names (see post What’s in a name?). Included here is LBC / IRN a short bibliography of key articles, created by one of the Digitisation Project Team, Robert Ford.

Also included is a bibliography of articles about radio in the IBA journal Independent Broadcasting which as published quarterly from the 1 August 1974 to 40 September 1984 and superseded by Airwaves 1984 – 1990 (discussed in a previous post).


How Independent Radio came to Dorset

The Centre for Broadcasting History Research, hosted a series of six public talks on broadcasting themes at the Study Gallery in Poole. Two of the talks were on topics relating to Independent Radio. Tony Stoller, former Chief Executive of The Radio Authority talked about relationship between Independent Radio and the music industry (we hope to post the text of this talk at a later date) and Emma Wray, Lecturer at Bournemouth University Media School and researcher in Independent Radio talked about the history of Independent Radio in Dorset.

Histories of Independent Radio stations are rare, although a few of stations published pamphlets about themselves, most of this information resides with those who worked in the industry, Emma Wray also worked in Independent radio in Dorset. Emma’s presentation, How Independent Radio came to Dorset, is avaiable here as a PowerPoint.