What did IRN sound like?

The following clips are taken from the IRN Reviews of the year*. The first clip is a News bulletin and weather (audio**) from 1977.

The second clip is a collection of news items from 1991 covering the break up of the former Soviet Union (audio), focusing on the death of protesters in Lithuania, the attempted coup in Russia (Wikipedia) and the election of Boris Yeltsin (Wikipedia).

Libyan Embassy siege

These clips follow the events surrounding the siege of the Libyan Embassy (Wikipedia) in which PC Yvonne Fletcher was murdered. The first clip in the series is from the IRN Review describing the events of the seige (audio). Antonia Higgs reports from St James’ Square (audio), the report includes a recording of gunfire originating from the Embassy. The government statement (audio) announces the expulsion of Libyan diplomats from London and the withdrawal of diplomatic representation in Tripoli. Antonia Higgs reports live on the conclusion of the siege (audio). The final clip from the concudes the story of the Libyan gunman in London (audio).

*Published with the permission of LBC/IRN
**Click on links to play audio.


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